New Melodies for SoundStringS

Posted by Elizabeth Devereux

Dear Patient SoundStringS Readers,

During my blogging silence, I have been busy turning life’s pages and drafting my next chapter.  After having earned my living and daily joy from teaching and performing violin in the Philadelphia area for the past SIX YEARS, I am sharpening my

purple crayon (or would a purple baton or bow suit me better??)

…and drawing a path to graduate school.  I’ll be starting the Education Policy and Management program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in a matter of weeks!  I am eager to bring a musical perspective to the education policy table, and I’m even more eager to learn from the many and varied perspectives of my future peers and colleagues.  I am confident that among the many tunes I will hear, a unified theme of commitment to the opportunity of all students to receive an excellent education will emerge.

Stay tuned for musings on topics in education, where music can and should fit in, one performer’s withdrawal symptoms and/or the joys of being an amateur musician…


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