About Elizabeth Devereux

I am a violinist who teaches and performs in the Philadelphia area.  My students range in age from 3-year-old Suzuki students to retired adults.  My musical interests and inspirations range from Mozart to Mos Def, with many composers and songwriters in between.

My job revolves around the following questions: Why is classical music such foreign territory to most people in our society?  How can I help develop citizens who are passionate about and invested in the arts?

I am a Teaching Artist with Play On, Philly!, an after-school orchestral program based at St. Francis de Sales School in West Philadelphia which promotes social progress through music education.  I am also the Suzuki String Coordinator at Rowan University Prep, in Glassboro, NJ, where I teach private violin lessons, Suzuki group classes, and coach chamber ensembles.


7 responses to “About Elizabeth Devereux

  1. Thanks for the wonderful blogpost!

  2. Were you performing with “Empty Hats” at the PA Renaissance Faire the weekend of 10/6-7/2012? If so, I saw the show and you were wonderful. I’ll watch for future performances.

    • Hi Fred, Thanks for visiting SoundStringS. I think you saw my friend and colleague Liz Cary performing with Empty Hats. She’s a great violinist–I always enjoy performing with her! I’ll pass along your compliments her way.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    I was pleased to see the following poems on your blog: Rest Position, Dirty Doggie Scrub Scrub, Dr. Suzuki Says Never be Lazy, My Bow has Hiccups–did you realize that these come from The New Pre-Twinkle Book by Kathryn Merrill and Jean Brandt?

    They are copyrighted, not that I care so much about that, but please could you add a credit? Because maybe some of your parents and readers would like to buy the book–there are a lot more poems to help them practice pre-twinkle skills with their little ones, plus lyrics to Bk. 1 pieces from Lightly Row through Etude. It’s available through Shar.


  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    Enjoyed your piece on Vivaldi; I am a great fan of his music. My wife Pauline and I love to sit in Venetian garden or church and listen to his music (no complaints so far!). We spend a lot of time in Venice, as you probably gather. My favourite cellist is a lady called
    Ofra Harnoy. To my simple, uneducated ears, she is fantastic, takes me back to Venice whenever I get fed up with living in Ireland (about every 2nd month!!), Molto grazie, Brian

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