For Students & Parents

This blog is FOR YOU!  Sometimes I will ramble on about things that don’t interest you at all in my posts, but the primary purpose of this blog is to be a resource for current violin students (of all ages), and their parents.  Everyone who plays, has played, or has heard someone just starting to play the violin knows that IT’S HARD!  One thing that makes it so difficult is that a lot of the work happens alone in a room while you’re practicing.  This blog is meant to give you, and me, a chance to feel connected and be able to communicate about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful that comes with learning a musical instrument.

Please post comments, ask questions, let us know what concerts you’re going to, what you love (and hate) about your instrument, what music you’re playing and listening to…


2 responses to “For Students & Parents

  1. Hi! I stumbled onto your blog while looking for a quick practice chart to print for my students. Your blog is inspiring and from briefly reading, it seems that you’re passionate about what you do! Thanks and keep it up!!

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