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Brooklyn Rider: Quarteting Out of the BOX

Posted by Elizabeth Devereux

I just discovered a new string quartet, link and info passed on by a friend of mine:

Brooklyn Rider

I love the look and whimsy of their website, although my impatient and practical side wishes the navigation were slightly more transparent and easy to follow–some helpful pop-up text as you scroll over the pretty pictures, perhaps?

A few other things I loved about perusing the Brooklyn Rider’s site, projects, calendars:


Brooklyn Rider describes themselves as follows:

Born out of a desire to use the rich medium of the string quartet as a vehicle for communication across a large cross section of history and geography, Brooklyn Rider is equally devoted to the interpretation of existing quartet literature and to the creation of new works.


Brooklyn Rider is using Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative endeavors, to pay for their new album, Seven Steps.  Looks like it’s working! They’re already $5,000 over their funding goal.  Check out all the fun prizes at various funding levels! (Sorry foodies, they’re sold out of $5,000+ rewards of dinner out with the quartet!)  This is a great way to incentivise giving at specific levels.


The site’s Art Gallery (on their hompage) displays visual art work by artist friends of the quartet members.  Any sales of the art work support both the artists and the future commissioning projects of the string quartet.  Coffee shops have been hanging the work of local artists up for years–I love seeing this type of music/art joint support at work on a website!


The Brooklyn Rider site plays beautiful music for you!  It often bothers me when websites make noise at me as soon as I open them, but I’ve gotta say that the level of musicianship and the selections (playing now is their album, Brooklyn Rider Plays Philip Glass) make this a wonderful website MP3 player.

Have fun perusing!  And please always feel free to share exciting new discoveries you’ve made with SoundStringS–music, arts, education, creative, etc…