Happy Birthday, Mozart!

Posted by Elizabeth Devereux

We are in a presidential election year.  Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, you’re in for it this year: the political rancor, negative ad campaigning, harsh words and divisive comments will take over the media in the coming months.


For a little hilarity instead…

And wish Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a happy 256th birthday, thanking him for his music’s lasting power to bring joy to people of any political party.


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mozart!

  1. I absolutely love what you post, Lizzie! Suzuki would have been so happy with your ability to go beyond the teaching of a skill. You are giving your students and their parents a wealth of understanding that goes far beyond the violin lessons. It makes me so happy to know how many lives you are taking in directions that mean so much to me. Thank you, my Dear Lizzie!

    Hugs… Joanne

    • Joanne, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. While teaching or blogging, I frequently think of your consistent positive teaching energy and the anecdotes full of wisdom that you told our class. Thank you for reading!

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