Happy Birthday, Mozart!

Posted by Elizabeth Devereux

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on this day, January 27th, in 1756.  If he were alive today, he’d be turning 255 years old.  WOAH!  Even modern medicine couldn’t (yet) keep him alive that long.  If he were alive today, he’d also be very surprised that I’m writing about him on a blog, on a computer, and listening to his music out of small, black rectangular boxes on my desk, and he might also be surprised that I’m not wearing a corset or petticoat…

The times have certainly changed–industry and technology have changed our work and communication a lot, and fashions and hairstyles have (thankfully!) changed as well.  But Mozart’s music has remained loved and listened to through all of those changes.

How did he do it?!  I will ask myself this question all day today, while I’m listening to and playing some of my many favorite Mozart compositions.  He only lived to be 35 years old, but in the course of that brief life he left us touches of beauty such as:

(on my Mozart playlist for today)

  • ALL of his operas!  They bring me such joy that I can’t narrow it down.  Playing right now: The Magic Flute, one of the last things he wrote
  • Piano Concerto No. 23, the slow 2nd movement, for a touch of sublime melancholy
  • the 5 violin concerti!  Again, I’ll have trouble deciding among these, but I’ll have fun playing through the exuberant “Turkish” final movement of the Violin Concerto No. 5 (which he wrote when he was only 19 years old)
  • who can resist the overflowing energy of the Symphony No. 39, Finale? (yes, violinists, even after the many hours you’ve practiced that excerpt for auditions)
  • or what about the mischievous excitement of the opening of the “Little G Minor Symphony”, Symphony No. 25?

What’s on your Mozart playlist for today?


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